Sherwood Forest

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We went to Sherwood forest, thats where Robin Hood lived.  When we got there we first went into the visitor centre. I bought a pin and then we all headed towards the major oak. I brought my camera and my sister kept wanting to take photo shoots of me with it.
It was a twenty minute walk to the major oak but it was fun. Once we got there we all read the signs and then sat down.  Jack told Sylvia to run as fast as she could one way and she did. So I had to go and tell her to come back. When I got back Max, Jennah, and Jack had left. . . But I catched up with them.
We walked back to the camper and got some school books and went to put this design in it. Then we headed to this obstacle and we went around on that for some time until Sylvia fell and hurt her eye. Then we had to go back to the camper but didn’t have the key because we gave it to Jennah and Jack. So I had to run, again, and catch up with them and get the key but they apparently stuck it to the camper window. Once I got back I found it and then we all got in. Sherwood forest was pretty great.

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