Spiderwebs of Chile – Sylvia (and playgrounds)

The spiderwebs here are really good.  They are like the ones in TV shows.  Playgrounds in Chile are really safe.  They have cushions under them instead of rocks.  Today we went to a playground and it was really fun.  I got hurt.  I banged head and also Annabelle fell and twisted her leg and Max banged his elbow against a metal pole.  There was this one playground that was like the ones you can buy at Home Depot or Lowes it had a little slide, a ladder and 2 swings and some benches.  When we stop at gas stations, there is always playgrounds that have blue slides.  There is one here that is really fun.  I learned how to climb the monkey bars but not all the way.  In Peru, the playgrounds at the ground only have rocks sometimes cement.  We went to this one that had a cage of monkeys and birds.  The monkey screamed at dad because dad looked like a giant monkey.  It was really fun.  There was this unknown unsafe thing that mom said was dangerous but only the top floors were dangerous and we only got to go on the bottom.  There was this one playground in Ecuador that had castles and we could ride a swan boat.

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  1. “The monkey screamed at dad because dad looked like a giant monkey.”
    Way to put it, Sylvia! 🙂

  2. Grandma Kay

    Terrific story Sylvia! You saw many great things there. Maybe your dad scared the monkeys also with a funny face smile. He once scared Ryan when he was 2? by shaving his beard off!

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