The Beach House — Annabelle

We left Chile very early in the morning at 4am.  The plane was awesome!  It had movies in your own tv, breakfast and drinks.  It was very cool watching the sun rise.  After 3 hours, the plane landed.  We got off and got our bags and a guy came up and told us the dogs needed to see the veterinarian.  I fell asleep for most of it on the luggage cart.  Mom told us there was going to be a guy holding up a sign like in the movies that said DECORSO and he would drive us to our beach house!  I woke up and we found him.  A little bit after that, dad came with the dogs.  He took us out to his van was and we got in it.  It was a very long time until we got to the beach house.  When we got here, I was so excited to see it.  I ran into every room looking around.  One room has 4 beds and another for mom and dad that had a TV.  We had a kitchen with a stove, cupboard and sink.  We have three bathrooms.  There is one tiny room with one bed where my oldest brother Ryan slept.  There is a living room with 3 couches and a tv and speakers.  We have a dining room table.  I looked out the window — and it had a pool!!!  Mom, Ryan and Jack had to go to Bolivia so they left that same day, very shortly after.  I wanted to explore the whole area because no one is staying here but us.  The next day we woke up.  We had Uncle Dicky eggs for breakfast.  Dad said we needed to walk the dogs but I did not know where we would walk them but there is a grassy area right outside we can take them because Lucy can’t go to the bathroom without grass!  We walked around and checked out all the little stores that are around.  One store we called the avocado store because they always sell avocados.  We bought bread, avocados, soda, pepper, water, eggs, Bimbo bread and if we were lucky, dad got us a candy bar.  The best thing about the beach house is the pool!!!

One of the bedrooms!

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  1. Shannyn

    Aaah… I remember the Bimbo Bread! 🙂

  2. Ramy has been making toad in the hole eggs a lot lately–do you ever make those?

  3. Sylvia’s comment button isn’t working–so I had to put it here. Sounds like a super fun day! Especially topped off with cotton candy!

  4. Grandma Kay

    What a posh roomy place! And I know how much you
    Love a pool Annie! Almost as much as I do : )

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