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The Beach

So.  Today we are going to go swimming at the beach.  It’s really fun.  There are huge waves and you get swept up on top and you have to drag your feet into the ground to stand still.  You can also build really cool sand castles and it’s really fun because they have the perfect sand here.  We have to wear sunscreen or else we will get sunburned and our skin might fall off.  And there’s these really good cookies. They are chocolate with white stripes over them and we had them for a snack.  For breakfast we had bagels and I didn’t even know they had bagels here.  There are beautiful seashells here but it is really hard to find them.  They also have beautiful rocks.  I saw Mr Crabs yesterday he was yellow and I saw crab pinchers sticking out and they were red.  And I saw purple crabs, pink crabs and red crabs.  Last night we went to the mall.  It was really big.  It is not like anything in the United States it has a different taste and everything.  I had an ice cream cone and it had cherry sprinkles, lime sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, lemon sprinkles, banana sprinkles. Now we are going to the beach and I need to put on sunscreen right now.  Annabelle is using Max’s t-shirt because the best protection for being sunburned is clothing.

Me walking over to the boat place and feeding the ducks

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  1. Kay DeCorso

    Too,too adorable! Love it : ) Hope you are having fun Sweetie!

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