The End Of November – Jennah

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We arrived in Port Isabel, Texas. The terrain was familiar, as we went here on the last trip.
We camped at the same RV park, and went to the beach, which had a many of rolling dunes and syringes. Micellaneous items had washed up from Mexico and other areas.
After hanging at the beach, giant terrifying beach moths came out and started ferociously attacking us. We fled the beach and went back.
For Thanksgiving we were still in Port Isabel, which is near South Padre Island. We drove to the Golden Corral, an all you can eat buffet.  We left that night and, due to a startling change of events, headed toward Florida, where we planned to fly away to Colombia.
We stayed in a number of Wal-Mart up the coast of Texas. The first stop in Louisiana was a giant play ground resembling a miniature castle.  Mother said the bugs were bad, so we left fairly soon. We stopped in Eunice, another place from the previous trip. Mother and Father went out for dinner then went to a dance taking place at the campground
We left the next morning and headed towards New Orleans.
It seemed to have greatly improved in the last two years. It was considerably cleaner.
Ryan, Jack and Mother toured a college while my siblings and I were forced to play at a playground. Ugh.
The next morning I was awoken early by rain hammering against the roof and wind tearing at the walls. We had to stay in the Walmart longer, though, due to some research.
By a chance of fate, we were able to visit Perkinston, Mississippi, where we spent Christmas last trip. We stayed over night in the guest house, and went out to breakfast at the Waffle-House with Mr. Richards, an old friend…
We arrived in Florida today, and are hoping to possibly make it most of the way to Tampa.

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