The New York Roller Coaster — Annabelle

While we were in Las Vegas, I really, really wanted to ride on the New York, New York Roller Coaster.  I wanted to ride it because it looked really awesome and fun.  The roller coaster went up 203 feet and then dropped you down 144 feet.  They said it took 15 minutes to ride it but mom told me that must include buckling in.  It had lots of turns and twists and loop de loops and downhills and it looks super cool because it is red and goes through all of the city of New York, it goes by the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building.  Last time we went to Las Vegas, I wanted to ride this roller coaster but I was 6 inches too short.  When I looked the roller coaster up, it said you needed to be 54 inches to ride and I was sure I would be able to ride because my dad said I was 54 inches almost 55.  He measured me with a tape measure.  So the night came when I was going to ride the roller coaster and I was really excited!  We parked at Excalibur and walked over following the signs.  We got to the roller coaster line and the guy said kids had to take their shoes off tho get measured.  I took my shoes off and there were people in line yelling she’s tall enough! but the guy said NO you are not tall enough.  So I went over to dad and I was very sad.  I was only less than half an inch short.

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