Some things to note about Edinburgh:

It’s hard to refill water bottles in public bathrooms such as museums and such as they tend to have one tap for hot water only.

You can get a family pass on the bus line, which has an app. Family pass is £8.50 for a day. Our kids just liked to ride in the double deck buses, the front seats were often empty.

The Royal Botanical Gardens is free and they have scavenger hunt type things to do for kids for £1 – when we finished our scavenger hunt, the kids got a treat and we got a buy one get one free coffee.

The Scottish National Gallery is free and has a kids activity that, when you complete it, you get a badge.

The village of Cramond, which is part of Edinburgh, has a lovely shoreline walk and there is an island you can walk to on a stone causeway when tide is low – there is a helpful sign with times at the beach. You can also walk along the Almond River on a very nice walk.

There is a great playground / playpark in the Princes Street garden with a spectacular view of the castle and there is a cafe right next to it if you need a coffee while the kids play.

The Harry Potter tour is free, you need to tip your guide, but we gave £10 and we gave much more than anyone else on the tour. Kids liked this a lot.

Our kids liked to wander through the graveyards a bit, even at dark it was okay to walk around.

Kids loved The Pie Maker! Meat, vegetarian, vegan and sweet individual pies for between £1 and £2.50. Traditional pies, macaroni & cheese pies, vegetable, moussaka, pizza, lots to choose from.

Places like pharmacies have pre-made sandwiches for £1 if you need a quick snack.