We drove into Cornwall and into Tintagel, which is a little town on the coast of Cornwall. We camped at a pub stop there and stayed there for a few days to save some money. The first day we where there we went to see King Arthur’s castle, and Merlin’s Cave. The castle is on top of a giant rock, with cliffs on all sides. It had a great view of the ocean, with waves crashing on the rocks below. Merlin’s Cave was also very cool. It went straight through the rock that the castle was on and when there was high tide the cave would fill up with water. Sylvia got soaked in the waves. My mom dropped her phone and lost it for a little bit. My dad found it on the stairs down to the beach. The screen had cracked but besides that it was fine. The sodas were very cheap at the visitor for some reason so we were going to buy a lot of them but the shop closed early. While we where in Tintagel we also walked the coastal hike. It ended at a little town which had a pub. The walk was very pretty and had many great views. There were sometimes when we could have easily fallen off the cliff into the ocean, but luckily none of us did. We spent a long time at the pub there which had good food. We were going to see whether or not we could drive our camper down to it so my mom and dad could have a date there. We walked the road back and it was to narrow to drive our camper down so we decided not too. Tintagel was very nice and was very scenic and I had a fun time there. The castle was very cool and the beach were Merlin’s Cave is, is also very nice. The coastal walk to the other little town was awesome.Optimized-20160131_152533Optimized-20160131_154935




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  1. Grandma Kay

    Great descriptions Max. Almost feels like I’m there.
    Keep warm and have fun!

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