Touring Colleges — Jack

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On our last day in Portland, Ryan and I went to look a couple universities in the surrounding area.  We woke up earlier than usual so we could make it through Portland rush hour and stuff. Our first stop was Lewis and Clark, an artsy college. Father dropped us off at the informational building where we then found our way to the starting point of the tour. Personally I thought the campus looked rather blank and emotionless.  People didn’t seem to smile or talk at Lewis and Clark. After our exposure of L.C we headed to University of Portland, Ryan, my mother, and I went into U.P. and wandered around until we asked a stranger for directions. The tour guide at U.P was a lot better than the one at L.C also the campus was prettier and seemed a lot more friendly. Lewis and Clark has a much better music and other arts program than University of Portland did while University of Portland had a much better science program than Lewis and Clark. I think if I would have to chose between the universities I’ve been to, I would pick the University of Portland because it seemed really nice. After our day full of colleges we drove forward towards Boise, Idaho.

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