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We made it through Canada yesterday. Before we crossed the the border we went to the city of Vancouver. My mom and dad let Ryan leave and take the sky train into the city while I was stuck with the family as usual. It ended up being a very nice trip into Vancouver though because my family and I went into this art district island place that was built under a bridge covered with ivy. I was allowed to go exploring so I did so and found the most wonderful music shop. This store had pretty much every instrument I have ever wanted to learn, the only disappointing part was that every instrument was roughly $1,000. After I left the music shop I headed across the street to a market called The Public Market where I got lost and called my daddy. In the end I was able to find my family then we went and ate fatty Canadian food in downtown Vancouver.

The next day I had to walk a dog or two and I discovered a park that had a stream running through the center. Salmon were spawning in the stream which was pretty cool. When I got back Ryan and I went to tour SFU. Almost the entire campus was covered and the architecture gave it a scary look. The dorm rooms were singles and seamed a decent size, also the floors were coed. The campus seemed really nice actually.  All in all Vancouver is a very fabulous place with interesting places.

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  1. Cindi Fraser

    Hi Jack, – at last, I gotten around to logging into your blog and reading about your family’s adventures so far….sounds like everyone is having fun! -how is the chanter practice going?
    -have snow on the ground here in Fairbanks now, so enjoy the warmer weather as you travel south!! – please say Hi to your mum and dad from us…..probably need to arrange a Skype chanter lesson with Warren sometime soon?? -safe travels, Cindi, Warren, and Hannah.

  2. Cindi Fraser

    *should have read the above comment before posting….meant to write ‘I’ve gotten…..’

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