Vancouver – Jennah

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Today we arrived in Vancouver. We set up head quarters at a charming suburban RV park with towering oak trees. After wards, we headed into the city itself.
We meandered the streets and observed the concrete labrinth. We parked and walked around for a bit, viewing various art stores and the like. We came across a large toy store. My siblings became ansty. When we went back to yonder car, we discovered that my smallest sibling, Sylvia, had misplaced her beloved My Little Pony. Unfortunately, the store was closed when we came back to investigate.
For a snack we had a well known Vancouver delicacy, poutine, which is french fries drenched in gravy and smothered in cheese curds. After this scrumptious evening meal, we went back to our cobalt vehicle. We then went back to our RV park and took a refreshing dip in the heated pool, then to our trailer for some rest.


I like writing pens.

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  1. Joni G. McNutt

    What an excellent and descriptive journal entry! You are a very good writer, Jennah! I like writing pens, too! Ask your mom about the ones she gave me. I still have a bunch of them!!

  2. Autumn Baolugh

    Did Sylvie ever find her my little pony?!

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