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We arrived in Whitehorse.  Camping at the Walmart parking lot with 6 other campers.  We have a  problem with the new stereo, the 1993 Ford issue speakers can’t deal with it so we are searching for new ones.  Its snowing hard and expected to keep snowing hard…


This morning the parking lot was a sheet if ice. Mark boughtnew speakers and installef them –but sadly the problem is with the new stereo, its got a problem. So the speakers are out and returned and we are forced to listen to music quietly until we get back to America.

One awesome thing about Whitehorse is that food is really cheap. Apples are $.38 lb! Green onions $.69 a bunch. A loaf of bakery bread is $1. Strangely carts cost $1. Good thing there are 8 of us.

Also Canada has fabulous candy! We bought three new Cadbury candybars: 1. toasted coconut & cashew 2. pretzel & peanut butter and 3. honeyroasted cashews and hazelnuts.

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