Annabelle – Chile Part 1: Arica

Arica  is a very nice city. It has walking malls and very awesome play grounds.  Here is the story of Arica and entering Chile. it was a long day of driving. Every one was very sleepy. Dad pulled over. We all looked up.  Mom called us to the camper. When i got into the camper I went to my bed. I herd mom and my older 17 year brother Ryan were talking about entering Chile.  I yelled why didn’t i know about this! When are we crossing in to chile? Ya Annabelle we’re right next to it Ryan smerked. The next day, we crossed in to Chile and if you want to know well what happened was paper work. Okay so we got into Arica we we’er looking for some where to camp. We found a camping spot it was on the beach but of course it was the Pacific so i could not swim. We started to drive a round Arica. Sylvia screamed – there was a big play ground!! I know i was 9 but i did not grow up yet so i started to say mom, we will go there tomorrow! Sylvia started to say oh ya! We drove a round the city looking for a ATM. at last we found it. The money looked like a bill with a big thing of plastic  on it.

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  1. Ted DeCorso

    Hey Annabelle — This is a really great post. I love it!

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