Staying connected was essential for our trip.  Michelle had to continue to work and the kids had to have access to the internet for school.  Music lessons are done using Skype.  We need to be connected, there is no other option.  We needed a phone for Michelle for work and possibly phones to talk to each other.


Michelle plans to work on Mondays and Tuesdays so these days are dedicated to finding internet as we travel.  We know internet is going to be sketchy and sometimes hard to find so we needed to be as prepared as we could possibly be.  We purchased two high powered wifi antennas which significanlty boosted our ability to pick up wifi.


Our cell phone company in Alaska is

We checked into a contract plan with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and TMobile and the cost is staggering!  Instead, we decided to go with a prepaid global sim card from and an unlocked quad band GMS phone Ryan found at the transfer site.  The sim card was $35.  We have a global number based in Estonia and a US number (Washington DC).  We call this phone the Global Phone.  The Global Phone has free incoming calls in many countries and also has free incoming text messages.  Outgoing texts are $.40.

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