I am getting all of the curriculum and course work together for the trip.  We have a kindergartner (Sylvia), a third grader (Annabelle), a fifth grader (Max), an eighth grader((Jennah), a tenth grader (Jack) and a twelfth grader (Ryan).   Last time, we took somethings we hardly used so we will not make the same mistakes this time.

We are a Waldorf family and we have been from the start.  We use Live Education! as our primary curriculum and we adapt it when we have to, need to or it seems like we should.  Sylvia, Annabelle, Max and Jennah keep main lesson books and draw and write every day. We have many subjects planned for fabulous main lesson books: Ethnobotany, Geography of Latin America, Animals of the Rain Forest, and Mayan, Aztec & Inca Civilizations…

We are also using technology whenever we can to make life easier.  Lesson plans, curricula, patterns, books and stories are scanned and stored on my Nook (and backed up on my laptop and in the extra hard drive).  We have three Nooks on one account so we can all share books and apps.  Nook books will be most welcome when we have read everything we have with us and we can’t find any English books – we can download new books.  Harry Potter, the read aloud book for the trip from Alaska to the Mexican border, is a Nook book (which is great because the seven books together weigh a ton and take up a lot of space).  This will be my THIRD time reading all of the Harry Potter books aloud.

We also have a few projects!

  1. Ethnobotany collection (also the Ultimate Fairy House supply collection).
  2. Sending post cards to Martha and Reid
  3. Handwork using the yarn, fleece and wool we find
  4. Rocks, always rocks.  Sometimes sand.
  5. Collecting bottle caps for Reid and Rhys

School Supplies

  1. A good set of colored pencils
  2. Beeswax crayons (they last a long time)
  3. Main lesson books, Moleskin Notebooks and sketch books
  4. Pencil sharpeners, erasers and pencils
  5. Ruler, a protractor, & compass
  6. Some handwork supplies (yarn, knitting needles)
  7. A synthesizer for piano practice
  8. A chanter for bag pipe practice



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  1. Joni G. McNutt

    As long as you are collecting stuff.. I’d like a shotglass from each Central and South American country you visit!! ;–)

    • Michelle DeCorso

      We can do that – like the challenge! Great to hear from you. I completely forgot that you liked pens.

  2. Debbie Norz

    This is so cool. Good for you guys. Glad technology is along on this trip. I can virtually go with you!
    I do plan on sharing this with me kids, so please tell Jack when he gets here they will now a lot about him. Regards Debbie

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