All about our insurance — now that we have returned to Alaska

We had insurance on the van and the camper.  The quote and information is below.  One of my biggest fears was that we would have an accident on the trip.  We had two accidents and I wanted to write about both of them.

In Santiago, Chile, we backed into a car in a parking lot.  The accident was totally our fault. The camper was not attached, it was with the van.  The accident was a dent, a small dent. The parking lot was a secure lot so we found the attendant and explained.  He went to find the owner.  I called ICI.  ICI, although very friendly, was completely unhelpful.  They did not seem to know what to do or how to proceed.  “Where are you?  Santiago, Mexico?  No? You are not in Mexico?  You are in Chile?  Like the country Chile?” – these are not statements you want your international insurance company to make.  Luckily it took more than an hour to find the owner of the car but in all that time, ICI was not able to tell us how to file a claim.  The person arrived and it was agreed that we should file a police report.  Police arrived and a report was filed.  Still, we had not heard back from ICI, inspite of several somewhat frantic calls.  ICI eventually gave us the number of a claims adjuster.   I called him and he was unhelpful.  It was almost 4pm there on a Friday and he was heading home and would not be able to talk to me until Monday.  He did not know if I was his client.  He wanted me to send him a copy of my policy so he could read in on Monday and decide if I was a client.  Also he called me sweetheart and darling in every sentence – “It’s nearly 4 here darling.  And it’s a Friday, sweetheart.  I can’t be working on this until Monday, darling.”

The bottom line was ICI did not know who to call or what to do.  The person they had me call was unhelpful, unprofessional and more than slightly misogynistic.

Meanwhile, the police were telling us to just pay the guy $200.  The guy was like “Yeah!! Pay me $200!

In the end, we played a game of 20 Questions that went like this:  If you decide we have insurance with you, can we file a claim?  If we pay the guy $200, could you reimburse us?  If we take photos and the police sign off on it, will that work?  Could it work?  Does it have the possibility of working?

The answers, of course, were never yes or no and all were vague.  In the end, we paid the guy $200.  The police very officially stamped several things and stapled things and signed things and it was all done.

ICI had told us we could cancel our policy when we returned to the USA and get a refund.  We did on May 22 and still had a month left so we cancelled.  But they never got the message or the email and they never cancelled and did not refund.  It was not much.  But still.  We never sent the claim into ICI.  I have no idea how to do this and they never provided us with any assistance.

I would guess if the accident had been severe, we would have had better service.

So in conclusion:  get insurance but be prepared to pay for anything small.

Original Insurance Information

We are getting our insurance from Insurance Consultants International –

You can get Mexican insurance by the day, week, month or year but the cost is pretty much the same.  Our vehicle is over 12 years old so we can only get liability.  The policy covers roadside assistance and all the regular insurance things.

Our quotes are:
Month: $241
6 Months: $253
Year: $289

Central & South American insurance takes about 10 days because you need to complete a simple form and email it to the insurance broker.  He sent us a quote within an hour.  Once we picked the policy (6 months), the insurance broker sends it to be underwritten and that takes about a week.  Again, we can only get liability.

Quote for Insurance ~~~~~~~~~~~~
Good morning Mark & Michele,
First it is a pleasure meeting you, secondly, thank you for allowing us to
assist you with your Int’l Insurance needs.
For a Liability Only Policy, which also includes $500,000 Combined Single
Limits coverage (that is the amount of $ available to you to pay for any
damages, or Bodily Injury you may have caused a 3rd Party)
It also includes $ 2,000 Medical Coverage for you or passengers of your
For 3 Months it is : $ 329.00
6 Months it is : $ 501.00
That includes the Policy Fee of $ 25
Mark & Michele, Coverage under this policy, excludes Mexico, Belize,
Colombia, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Physical Damage would still apply, if
chosen, but 3rd Party Liability would have to be purchased at the Port of
Entry of the aforementioned country. This is common, because the countries
that have no coverage would not recognize the coverages of any other
insurance company not domiciled in their respective countries.

In respect to Mexico, if you go online to our site at, you can
attain a quote for the Mexico coverage, which is mandatory if you wish to
purchase the Central America policy. You can choose the Liability Only
policy for Mexico by choosing the 0 Value: Liability Only option in the
Vehicle Value drop down field on the Quick Quote screen.

Thanks again, and please convey which length of term you wish to have for
the Central America, and feel free to call with any questions about both
these products.
Best regards,
Gary W. Dickey

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