Canada by Sylvia

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The trip from Florida was fun.  We got to camp on the roadside and we had a fun time driving and we finally reached our destination which was Canada!  We went to the Bay of Fundy which has the highest tidal bores in the world. We got to climb around on caves and rocks and stuff.  That night we reached Halifax. The next morning, the car broke down.  We had to take it to the shop and it cost like $5000 (it’s like Canadian money is waaay cheaper). It took a day. We camped at a KOA.  Once we camped at a KOA and Annabelle said they had a bouncy pillow and I do not remember the bouncy pillow because I was 3 years old. It would have been really great.  I was probably not scared. I was hoping this KOA had a bouncy pillow. BUT it turns out it was DEFLATED for the winter. I felt sad.  The next morning, we woke up and it was a really big rush because we had to go to the airport.  Dad and Max dropped us off and we stayed there about 2 hours. We went downtown on a bus.  When we got downtown we had to walk quite awhile to get the the beach where we met up with my dad and brother.  We went to the Titanic museum. It had parts of the Titanic. It had stories about the Titanic sinking. The museum also had something about the Halifax Explosion where a ship blew up and it killed thousands and thousands of people. All in all, the museum was kind of depressing.  Then we got pizza and we had a really big rush because we were going to miss the bus.  We got to the airport and the plane started boarding. It was a 5 hour flight with TVs on it.  We got to Glasgow and we had to take a bus here. It was cool. It had a bathroom. And first class seats. When we finally got to our flat, we settled down, watched tv and made dinner and walked around and went to bed.

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