Cartagena – Jack

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We woke up early to catch our first of two flights to Cartagena. It was a quick flight, about forty minutes; the only problem was that I was stuck next to a large, awkward man the whole way to Fort Lauderdale. The Fort Lauderdale airport was packed. There really wasn’t anywhere to sit and the bathrooms had a giant line leading out into the hallway. We sat around for a while until it was time to board the plane that would take us to Cartagena, Colombia. This flight was better I think. I don’t know why it was better, it just was. I spent most of the flight listening to music and looking over the shoulder of my sister Annabelle so I could see out the window.

Cartagena is hot and the air is moist. We managed to squeeze all seven of us into a small cab and headed off towards our hotel. Cartagena is really nice I think. The air is about 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit and thanks to our stay in Florida, I was more climatized than I would be; however, it was still hot enough to give you a head ache or make you sweat a river. Our hotel is just a walk away from the Walled City area. We’ve been eating only bread from this bakery down the street and food off the street.
Everywhere inside the walled city there’s horse draw carriages. I don’t really know where the horses go to eat or sleep or drink, maybe there’s a massive stable in the middle of the city. There are also these motorcycle taxies which are just like normal taxies, except you get to ride on the back of a motor cycle instead of inside a car!
I think that’s all now. Bye.

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