Climbing Arthurs Seat

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Me and Jack wanted to climb Arthur’s seat. No one else was in the mood for it caused it was the day we were leaving Edinburgh. So only Jack and I went.
It took about 20 minutes to get to the bottom of the mountain. It was steep and tiring to climb. The wind got stronger and stronger the higher we went up the mountain.

The path was made of rocks. They were uneven and you could easily twist your ankle or you’re not careful.
We got to a part where the path became paved and it wasn’t steep. At some point the path split into two, one was paved and flat, the other was dirt and rocks and was really steep. We took the steep way.

We climbed up a cliff like thing and it was so windy on top of it. I almost fell off. We got down from there.
There was a huge thing of stairs. They were steep, slippery,  and uneven. And if you fell you would land on a sharp rock. We climbed to the top of course.

But around three quarters of the way up we found something we thought was a path.  We walked up it and it turned out to be where a mudslide was. So we turned around and went up more.
At the top it was so windy! If you tried to fall towards the wind, you wouldn’t fall.
My hat blew off and I ran after it but the wind made it weird to run. I fell down and my brother jumped past me tackling my hat. We decided to go up to the highest part of the mountain.
We went up and it wasn’t that windy at first. But it was because the rocks were blocking it. We turned the corner and it was so windy I had to hold on to the rocks to not fall over. We went to the highest part.
But once we got up there a huge gush of wind came and my hat flew off again. Jack jumped off the cliff after it. I was freaking out because I wad slowly losing grip of the rock I was holding on too, Jack just jumped off a cliff, and my favorite hat had blown away. I somehow got down and went looking for Jack when I saw my hat sitting in the middle of the path we climbed up to get up here. I picked it up and looked around for Jack. I didn’t see him anywhere. Then all of a sudden he jumped out say we need to catch my hat. I showed him that I had it.
We went down the mountain carefully but tried to hurry cause it was becoming dark. It took about thirty minutes to get back to the apartment once we got down the mountain. It was an awesome adventure and I’m totally looking forward to have more like these.

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  1. Grandma Kay

    What a colorful description of your climb. Annie, you are a budding Author for sure! Loved it, and the photos!

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