Day Five and Six

So begins day five and six.

It was decided we would go into Lima, so after preparation we waited for the bus on the dirt strip between roads for the bus.

We caught one to Lima that was only moderately filled with people, but on the way it rapidly became jam packed. It was quite hot and stuffy on the bus and I zoned out for most of it.

The section of Lima we were exploring had several malls and we spent the first fifteen minutes talking to the Olo Internet people.

The plan was to take the little ones to Divercity, a children’s museum of sorts. We found out it wasn’t open until three, so we walked over to the food court in one of the malls.

After some discussion, we ate there and I watched the siblings as we staked out a table and Mother and Father got food.

Whilst we ate, Mother and I made a bargain that if I took the young ones to their museum, I would get Nutella. I was quite happy with the situation, until we found out I wasn’t old enough to take them there myself.

We left Father and the small ones there and walked over to Plaza Vea. Ryan and Mother had long conversations about chocolate for a while before we walked around the upscale mall and looked at clothes and whatnot.

I made them stop at a Nescafe sample store thing, and we got free chocolate coffees. Well, Jack had the caramel, but in my opinion the chocolate was better.

My stunning beauty was so impressive that the Nescafe guy invited me to take a photo shoot for the Nescafe Facebook page. Since he didn’t want to be rude, he had to bring Jack along too.

Once I had finished modeling (and Jack) Mother and Ryan went shopping and Jack and I walked over to Divercity to see if Father was still in there.

Jack lurked around for a while before finally being brave enough to talk to them and we asked to fetch Father for, which they did and we went back to Mother.

We caught the bus back to our beach house and so ended our day in Lima.

Today was spent lazing around the house and discussing the Amazon trip and whatnot. Lovely times.


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  1. I hope you got the nutella anyway!

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