The Royal Mile is a stretch of streets, one Scots mile long. It starts at Edinburgh Castle and ends at Holyrood Palace. The Royal Mile was given its name in 1901 when used in a book. The Royal Mile is lined with victoran houses and old churchs and cathedrals. The Royal Mile plays a big role in Scottish history. Edinburgh castle sits on Castle Rock, also known as Din Eidyn. Castle Rock is an extinct volcano shaft that stuck up out of the earth and hardened. The castle is the most besieged castle in Britain with twenty-six sieges, and one of the most besieged castles in the world. The castle built in the 12th century, but people have been living on Castel Rock since 85 BC. Holyrood Palace is located at the bottom of the Royal Mile.The palace is a place of reside for royalty since the 16th century. Queen Elizabeth spends a week each summer there. Holyrood Palace was founded in 1128 by King David I of Scotland. It was named after a relic called the Holy Rood. The palace as it stands today was built in the 1670s in a square layout, not counting the tower built by James V.

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    Enjoying your postings. I know your family from UU in Fairbanks and am an adult. I am glad you visited a Unitarian church. How fun to travel with your family in Europe in the Blue Van!

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