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We’re still in Florida and not too much has changed. The air is still hot and moist, the ground still has bugs in it, and it still is coastal. This week I went sailing on my grandfather’s sail boat and that was pretty dang exciting. I’m happy to say that I did not get motion sickness once on our journey nor did I light the boat on fire. We stayed out in the water for a few hours and saw dolphins and other peoples on boats. I only got yelled at by the Coast Guard twice for doing perfectly legal things I think. After our boat trip, I and a few others went to a street fair in downtown Dunedin. The funny part of the street fair was that they had this slide made out of snow that you could sled down, it had over one hundred people in line for it and they also had these bubble cannons mounted at an intersection that sprayed out fake bubble snow on to the people who have never seen real snow before. The street fair also had a large jazz band that played Christmas music. There was also this brass band thing that only had brass instruments and a juggling guy on stilts so it was pretty cool. The most surprising thing about the night though, was that there was youth out and about!
Bye bye now.

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  1. Jack, what do you have to do to get yelled at by the Coast Guard?

    • They didn’t yell at him. They waved at the boat. He was just convinced they were yelling at him. I can’t explain that.

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