From Fairbanks to Tampa

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This trip we are going to Mexico City for a month, then flying back to the UK for a couple of months, where we’ll pick up our camper. When we left, there were two flights to Seattle, one at 11:30 and one at 1 AM. Jennah, Annabelle, my dad and I were supposed to get on the early flight, but my dad was held up at security and had his bag completely searched, so we had to fly down without him. The flight attendants were quite nice to me but apparently, mean to Jennah and Annabelle. When we got to SeaTac we had to wait for the rest of the family, my Mom, my dad, and Sylvia, to fly in about three hours later. When they finally got, they brought us some food from Wendy’s for breakfast. From Seattle, Annabelle, my dad, Jennah, and I were going to fly to Orlando to get a rental car and drive it down to Tampa and pick up the rest of the family at the airport, but at the last second our plane changed gates and was delayed, so we only got in twenty minutes before my mom and Sylvia instead of an hour and a half like we were supposed to, so my grandpa had to pick them up. The flight was long and I slept through most of it and when we arrived in Orlando we had to pick up our bags and our rental car. We rented a big white minivan, which is quite hideous looking, but never the less was very nice on the inside and had a Bluetooth stereo. We then drove from the airport to my grandparents in Tampa. The drive was long but again, I slept through almost all of it. My grandpa had ordered pizza for dinner and was just leaving to get it as we pulled into their small driveway. We went to sleep early, around nine, and woke up early, which for me is also nine. We didn’t do much that day, mostly just hung around the house. Annabelle and I biked to Wal-Mart and got some stuff like hair gel for me since I just had it cut and styled. When we got back we swam a little, but the pool was frigid so we didn’t stay in too long. For the rest of the day we just relaxed, and that’s about it. I’m very excited for Mexico City, because I never been to Mexico, except for once one the first trip when we crossed over from Texas for the day, and I hear Mexico City is amazing.

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