Good Times with Snapple

A few days ago my sister and I found out that we could bike to Wal-Mart,  which was about 10 minutes away. We started biking there and buying things, like candy and Snapple. Since then, we have biked there just about everyday, to get Snapple, and only Snapple. My oldest sister got here on Saturday around 5 PM, and was in a bad mood for some reason. I’ve also been flying my quad copter and recording videos of it, while it was around 75 feet in the air. It rains at least once at day here in Dunedin, most of the time with thunder and lighting. We have been fixing up our camper and now have bunks, a table, and a new couch. Our Grandpa took us to a thing called Celebration Station, which has a go-kart track and a miniature golf course. After that we went to Steak ‘n Shake, and had dinner. My sister and I went to a concert with my Grandma to watch my Grandpa play clarinet. There was a flute player and pianist. So far it’s been good in Florida.

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