Leaving Edinburgh

We went out to eat at a pub called the Conan Doyle, named after Arthur Conan Doyle who wrote Sherlock Holmes. I got the Nicholson’s Grill, which had fries, a chicken breast, a sausage, gammon steak, which was somewhat like bacon, and a ribeye steak. On the last day in Edinburgh I bought a flute music book filled with folk songs. That night my Mom, Dad and Jack went out to the pub and got some beer. We all had to go to sleep early because we were waking 5am to catch our train for Liverpool, which left very early in the morning. We hauled our bags down to Waverly Station and waited as my Dad figured out which stop our train was at. We got onto the train and put our duffle bags on the overhead compartment. The train ride wasn’t that good I thought because I had the only window on the train that was fogged over. The ride took around three hours till we got to the place where we needed to switch trains. We almost missed the train. When we arrived at Liverpool Station it was very crowed and busy. We had to wait to move because there was so many people. We got a cart and called a car for my Dad to take to the shipyard and pick up our camper. Jack and Jennah went to see John Lennon’s house while Annabelle, Sylvia, my Mom and I went to Albert Dock and spent the day there, walking around. Albert Dock was the first building built out of just brick and steel, making it fireproof, which made it more busier. I didn’t think the dock was too great. The giant brick building was kind of cool, but that was about it. Liverpool also has, in my opinion, some weird architecture. Almost all the building were slanted and either black or white. My Mom and sisters got some scarfs at a store. We started walking to the ship yard and then our dad came and picked us up in the camper. We were all happy to be back in our camper. We went to get gas for the camper, but everyone except for my Mom and Dad fell asleep. We parked at a beach and we moved back to our beds to sleep. I woke up and got out of bed. It was dark out and my Mom, Dad, and Jennah were awake and about to go to the store. I tried flying my quad-copter but it was too windy. We walked to the store to get some food for dinner. We got pizza, steak pies and soda and headed back to the camper. We turned on the generator and made the pizza and the pies in the microwave/convection oven, which turned out well. Annabelle and I walked down to the seashore and along the way we saw tons and tons of black slugs on the path. There were slugs everywhere. When we got to the beach we looked for Jack, who was down there to. We saw a figure and we started walking towards it. I looked like a somebody wearing a wetsuit standing on the beach. We found out later that the beach had solid cast iron men along it. The statues were placed a couple hundred feet apart and along the beach for two kilometers and one kilometer into the water. We went back to the camper and fell asleep. I got up late and drank the energy drink I got at the store last night. Sylvia, Annabelle and I walked out to the beach and the tide was low so we could go very far out. We almost made it to the waves, but the sand was getting to mushy and we were starting to sink into in, so we had to turn around. There is a storm warning for today. The wind was gusting up to 40 miles an hour. I’m glad we left Edinburgh.



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  1. What a wonderful entry Max! So colorful and detailed. So happy to hear you are finally in the RV. Safe travel and look forward to hearing more about the trip.

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