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We went to Lima today and it turns out one of the biggest playgrounds in the world was actually made out of TIRES and that made mom go we can’t go because it will be burning hot.  Lima had awesome fountains and you know what?  I got to run in one that was like a spiral and had water shooting out everywhere and one is like a bridge tunnel and you can run through it and one you can watch a water show and at night they turn colors.  It was REALLY cool.  We rode a little train there too even Ryan.  Lima was really hot but it was really cool.  So the car got broken down and dad had to go to a workshop and we stayed in the camper but we got popsicles.

Mom was in high school when the civil war happened and we saw pictures at the third floor of the museum of Peru.

Oh the ruins, there are ruins and mostly they are kind of lame because they were broken apart and really old stuff.  We did climb up to the top and you can walk on a path around it. You can see the ocean with big rock islands in it, it was really nice.

We had Special K for breakfast because dad bought it and it has no taste unless you put sugar on it.

This is true: where we are camping now, there are grapes growing all around!



At the top of the temple – I have to wear SO MUCH sun lotion

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  1. I love reading everybody’s different perspectives through the individual blog posts–but Sylvia has an especially wonderful way of describing all the important stuff. Like Popsicles. Miss you guys!

  2. Kay DeCorso

    Hey Sylvie! Love your post and the adorable
    Photo of you. Maybe you can put some of those
    grapes in you cereal to make it taste better.
    Have fun but try to stay out of too much sun!
    Love and hugs from Rocco,Grandma and Grandpa

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