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  1. Joni G. McNutt

    Michelle, you look the same as ever! But who is that scary-looking dude you and the kids are traveling with? ;–)

    I am so loving reading all of the posts! I look forward to them each day. What great stories!

    Travel safely!

    lots of love,

  2. Kay DeCorso

    Give Mark a big hug for me. He looks sooo tired! Love to all.

  3. Uncle Mark in Florida

    Just to let you know that I have given your “blog” site to all my children & spouses – your cousins, so they can follow your journey. We think it’s nothing short of “amazing”. Uncle Mark in Palm Bay, FL
    My CHILDREN & their spouses are:
    LISA & Chris Monroe, GARY & Monica Goodrich, LORI & Randy White, AMY & Jason Williams.

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