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London is the best city I’ve been to so far. I like the architecture and the food. It is fun to walk around and has lots to do. We recently went to see the play Wicked at a theater, which was very good. We went out to eat at an Indian cuisine place, which was very good, I also learned not to choose very spicy on my food there. Ryan was also with us in London, he had been with us since Christmas, which we spent in an RV park outside of Edinburgh. The tube here is also very nice, but also kind of expensive so we had to get this card that makes it cheaper to travel. There is also a cable car which you can take a across the Thames and very high up so you can see a lot of Canary Wharf. We walked ten miles every day so far in London. We went to the British Museum and Buckingham Palace. Tomorrow we are going to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. We saw the Rosetta Stone and part of the Sphinx’s beard at the museum. We took pictures of the Tower Bridge. While we were walking around there was a bus accident that had three buses involved. There were tons of police cars and ambulances at the scene. We left after we saw some S.W.A.T like cars pull up. Also while we were there, Jack and Jennah went to see a concert. The band that was going to play was called Panic At The Disco, which Jennah loves. Jack and Jennah went there while we went to see Wicked. Someone gave them tickets so they could go. We also went to the Tower of London, which i thought was very cool. In the Tower of London, they had a giant museum with tons of suits of armor made for the kings of Britain. There is crows at the Tower of London which have been there for hundreds of years. They say that is all the crows leave the Tower of London, the monarchy would fall. So now there is a law saying that at least six crows most remain in the tower. They also clip the wings of the crows. We also went to Evensong at Westminster Abby, which was awesome. I’ve had a very good time in London and thought it was very nice.20160115_13531820160118_16492620160118_164558

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