More on Castles and Food

While we’ve been here in the UK driving around, we’ve been to some castles. And learned that they can be very repetitive. Castle are fun to explore, the smaller castles more so, but then they start to just repeat. Bigger castles, like Caenarfon, get more and more repetitive as you walk on the side of the walls. Because they were built for defense and not so much to explore, you will soon start to see the same room over and over again. Harlech was a good castle because it was smaller, and less repetitive, which made it more fun to explore and see. Also while we’ve been over here I’ve learned what people eat over here. Bangors and Mash is just Sausage put on top of mashed potatoes. Fish and Chips is a fish filet with fries. I have yet to try it, but I assume that it will be good sense I like fish, and fries. They also have Blood Pudding, which sounds gross. Blood Pudding is made of oatmeal, onions, pork fat, and blood. They normally use pork blood too make the pudding. Another thing they have here is Yorkshire Puddings. Yorkshire Puddings are these bread like bowl things that you put gravy over top. They are very good and I like them a lot. Yorkshire Puddings are eaten with meat most of the time. The last thing in gonna talk about are Shepherds Pies which I like quite a lot. A Shepherds Pie is just vegetables, minced, which is cut up meat, lamb with mashed potatoes spelt on top. The food here is good and I feel like we should probably eat more things like Shepherds Pie in the US.

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