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Music is a very important part of our trip and we spent considerable time getting music on a new hard drive dedicated to music.  Our awesome stereo (it has a color changing LED!) has a broken preamp for the aux in jack so we bought a new stereo in Fairbanks and Mark is installing it here, in Beaver Creek, in the closed Westmark hotel parking lot, in the snow. 

We have Billboards Top 100 for 1971 – 2004 (3500 songs) and we intend to listen to each year.  We also are going alphabetically through the artists.  So today, on the new (but sadly not color changing) stereo we will be listening to 1971 and Aaron Neville.Home school music lesson #1.

Picking out music in the camper at Beaver Creek

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  1. Carol indorf

    We are so excited for you!! I’ve heard a little about your mishaps in getting out of town…let’s just leave it @ that! The camper pic above looks happy. Keep the pics and short notes coming. Where/how do you want me to send you more personal, friend-type notes? To here or to a separate email? (PS..Jack, if you really meant all that fabulous stuff about your Mom, she ultimately deserves Greatest Mom Award!)

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