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Today I woke up and had a bagel for breakfast, after that I hid in bed to read, but mother found me, after doing morning chores I started to write Fanfiction and read, when dad asked me if I wanted to go get water, of course I said that I wanted to so after a couple minutes we got in the car to see that Jennah was coming so I didn’t get to sit in the front. On the way to get water Jennah plugged in her Nook and played music, we were having a party when we got to the gas station we sadly got out of the car and worked very hard to haul water from the spout to the car via jugs, and dad brought a water bag from a box of water we bought. After we got water we headed back to the camper or so I thought, it turns out that we were going to the beach town that was close to the camper hoping to find a laundromat to clean uor cloths for they were very dirty. After we found one dad pulled up and asked how much it was while Jennah and I sat in the car, while sat there Jennah guessed the password for a wifi network and was loading Fanfiction, but before she could do anything dadsters came me said we were going. We drove down a small street to find yet another laundry mat, that was more expensive but had no one at it, so we made our way to camper for real this time to tell mother what we had found. When we got back Jack, Jennah and I had to pour the water in to the tank, but Jennah didn’t really help. So after a hour me and dad set out to drop the laundry off, and to sadly get more water. So we to the laundry mat and dropped the stuff off and we went to the gas station again and got another load of water. On the way back dad said that we had to going swimming because mom had to work, and dad was right as so as we got back mom said that he needed to take us down to the water, so in about ten minutes Annabelle, Sylvia, Jennah and I were down at the ocean playing in the waves, me and Jennah played where I was the flow aka the waves and Jennah was the undertow and Annabelle was the sea foam. So Jennah and Annabelle and I got out and made or way to the camper.  Jennah and I stood outside to dry off a little bit, after I got my feet washed off I went to my bed to read for a while. A long time later mom said I had to write a blog post and here I am writing a post. Bye!

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