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We can’t eat ice cream because it’s Peru and you know how they melt ice and put flavor in it?  They need to use distilled water and this ice cream could have bacteria in it so I eat popsicles.  Tonight we got popsicles at the gas station.  Me and Max got the same one, it had sour stuff in it.  The sour stuff was in the middle of the popsicle thing you hold it with, it was like a tube you open up.  They were REALLY good.  It was cherry with grape mixed together.  When we first got to Peru, I had one that was mango and orange.  Then I had a green apple one.  One night in Colombia in the hotel in Cartegena I saw on a commercial tongue popsicles and I really wanted one -and you know what?  They were frozen jello and they were disgusting and I hated them.  In Ecuador we went to this place mom and dad saw and we got ice cream and they scooped it out and I got chocolate and vanilla and chocolate chips on it and sprinkles.  I love popsicles, I love them so much I could buy a gallon and I have a song to sing.


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  1. Do you have a Popsicle song?

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