Rodeo — Annabelle

We left Las Vegas.  We were headed to Sisters, Oregon to watch a rodeo.  Mom told me rodeos were really fun.  We drove through Nevada, California and then we got to Oregon.  In California, we went to Nevada City and we went to visit Aunt Marian!  Aunt Marian lives in a little camp.  It has a little market and it is very pretty and nice.  It had a little playground and it has houses every now and then and there was a spot where you could watch the sun go down and a thrift store and a post office.  We ate lunch there.  It was macaroni and cheese.  After that, we went to a pond with lotuses.  Sylvia went into the water to pick one.  Aunt Marian said that at night the lotus will close and in the morning it will open.  We put it in a bowl of water.  I got a few books at the thrift store.  I am reading one right now.  After we left, we drove to Oregon.  It was really hot!  It was over 100 degrees, like 105!  We drove all the way to Sisters and it was colder there, the low was 40 degrees at night.  The rodeo started at 7.  It was sunny.  The rodeo was outside in a field.  We sat on bleachers.  All around the bleachers there were little booths that sell sandwiches and french fries.  The rodeo started and the Rodeo Queens came out and rode around the ring.  It had lots and lots of rodeo queens!  Rodeo Queens had little crowns on their cowboy hats.  They rode around the ring five times.  One of the Rodeo Queens came out with an American Flag.  Everybody stood up when we sang the Star Spangled Banner.  Cowboys rode bulls and wild horses.  They caught steers with ropes.  The released a bunch of wild horses and the cowboys had to catch them and ride them between the barrels.  Cowgirls did barrel racing where they put three barrels out and they have to go around them in a circle and if they knock one down they get less points.  My favorite part was the bull riding because it looked really cool and you have to keep one arm free.  The rodeo had a rodeo clown named JJ and he made us do stuff like sing songs and dance to win bags of chips.  I thought that the rodeo was awesome!  I got a tshirt!  We camped there that night.  In the morning we woke up and drove all the way to Washington.

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