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Blog Post, January 29, 2013

I miss Tater-Tots. And fountain drinks. The first thing I’m going to do when we get back to America is drink a huge fountain drink. I didn’t know I missed it until I realize it’s impossible have it. The other day, Sylvia was singing a garbled version of Last Friday Night and said Tater-Tots, and I thought, oh. Tater-Tots. I miss those. This led to a whole train of thought where I remembered utterly American things that we’re now lacking.
Peru is… Not very  nice so far. It’s pretty hot, and there’s huge piles of trash next to roads. There aren’t any very attractive buildings, and there are walls everywhere. When you drive down the highway, on either sides are brick walls, whitewash walls and graffiti covered walls. We went to a beach and sort of waded in the waters, but since there was a terrible undertow we I couldn’t really swim. Lucy and Trek bounded about for a while, but then we headed back. All of us were soaking wet. We were camping at a gas station, and I went to bed but was woken up by some sort of garish song playing, which turned out to be Mother’s alarm. Then, a high-pitched buzzing filled my ear and I freaked out and went and sat on the couch with Lucy. The next morning it turned out there were apparently millions of mosquitoes zooming around my bed, so I was afraid to sleep there. That day we went to Mancora, a very happening town with music and a parade going on. People (mostly surfer guys and the like) were walking around. We got potato things, papa rellenos, which meant stuffed potatoes. Come night we headed back.
We’ve been mostly on the coast so far, and visited Trujillo. The large town had a colorful square, in which there was Simon Bolivar’s desk. Mom told me to sit down on an ancient sofa that once belonged to him, which I did. I then told Jack to and some guy started yelling at him. Ha!
We’re currently camping on the beach, which is fun. I built an epic sandcastle in the morning before everyone got there and when we had to go up to the trailer because the sun was too harsh, some kid rolled on it. L
There is a mall close by, and we went there and got ice cream. I got… PINKBERRY! It’s been a dream of mine to get Pinkberry before the last trip, and I got mango. I thought it was delicious.



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