The United States of America!!

Before we left, I told the kids that when we returned they would literally want to kiss the ground in the wonderful USA.  They were skeptical then — but not any more.  We are back in the land of drinkable water, clean streets, traffic laws, and unending almost unimaginable choices – so many kinds of potato chips, soda, salad dressing, laundry detergent, shampoo (more than just 11 kinds of Head & Shoulders) and frozen food (which does not exist anywhere in South America).  The van got a few factory issued parts it was sorely missing, no matter how great the ingenuity and ability to create parts was in Ecuador and Peru.

Nowhere screams USA more than Las Vegas and a Rodeo.  So naturally that is where we went first.


At the Cosmopolitan looking at a gigantic chandelier of Swarvoski crystals you can enter and have a fancy drink inside




Bottomless sodas with ICE at Taco Bell!


The Sisters Rodeo!








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  1. Good Hear!! Welcome to USA I am happy you are okay and safety homeland! So I want telling you let know I will not live here no longer this month, My brother brough land and building cabin for me. I glad without stressfuls by neighous!!!! I so hope you have great a day. Love and Miss Lots you!


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