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We are in Canada! The land of Tim Burton’s, the biggest mall in North America (Edmonton Mall) Canadian Idol and Canadian-o’s (that’s what my brother Jack called Canadian money earlier). There was a blizzard earlier. We camped in the Fairbanks Wal-Mart parking lot on Sunday night and then drove all the way to the Canadian border. Last night we camped in Beaver Creek, which is a tiny town on the Canadian/Alaska border.  Tomorrow we’ll drive another three hundred, four hundred miles and camp. Then the day after that we’ll drive another one hundred and fifty miles to LIARD HOT SPRINGS! Which are an utterly fantastic, brilliant, cool, awesome natural hot springs that is ringed by trees, bushes, and little natural waterfalls that fall into tiny turquoise wavelets that is disturbed by the gently falling snowflakes that drift from the periwinkle skies.

We have driven down the gray ribbon of highway that stretches into horizon disguised by the pearly gray ice fog that drifts in long tendrils, ensnaring the beautiful overcast Canadian skies. It is only disturbed by the sun-shiny yellow line that separates the gray pavement of the road.

Lake Kluane stretched across an unknown amount of terrain, overlapping land with its blue gray tides. Rain is pelting down and causing the H2O to shiver and shake, looking as if the entire earth in moving.

The Wal-Mart sign shines gold in the oncoming sleet, like a beacon to wary travelers such as us. The gray concrete box light store seems to glow with the promise of heat and shelter from the cold Canadian weather. A McDonalds is within the sanctuary, making the already holy store more god like. Car lights shine red in the velvety blackness, interrupting it. Five trailers are already camped there for the night, people already looking to get away from the hellish road conditions.


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  1. Kay DeCorso

    Wow, Jennah, what a deeply descriptive view you have presented. Feels like we are all there with you in every location. Have fun!

  2. This is site is wonderful it is like we are trevaling with you. Thank you!

  3. Nathan Collin

    Jennah is wonderful to read.

  4. Autumn Baolugh

    Are you jet lagged jet? It sounds like allot of traveling but still , it must e fun!

  5. This was just Beautiful! It made us feel as we were seeing it as you wrote. You have a way with words, Gram and I look forward to reading this everyday. Love ya all

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