Wales Castles

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Wales was awesome. I had a great time there and I hope we’ll go back. One of the most cool things were the castles. Conwy castle, Caernarfon castle, Harlech castle, and Beaumaris castle. I liked them all but Harlech I liked the most because it was really windy when we went, I really like wind.


Harlech when we got there we crossed a metal bridge with blue lights on it. When we got into the castle we spent ten minutes reading the history of the castle. But then the really fun part began,  exploring the castle. Jack found a hole in the wall and it led to a passage and we went down it a little bit but then turned back. Sylvia got thie thing where she had to find special letters that were all over the castle to make a secret message so she could get a badge, one was outside by the wall. Since it was extremely windy everyone was having a hard time going forward. I thought it was fun but when we went back to the gift shop I noticed I cut my hand and it was bleeding, but it wasn’t that bad.

Conwy castle was nice, I liked the town Conwy too. While we stayed in Conwy we camped at a beach near the docks, it was a little walk to get to the town.


When we visited Conwy castle  it was cold and rainy. But still fun. It was the first  castle I’d ever been to. We explored and read the history of the castle, but my favorite part of Conwy castle was the wall walk. It was kinda windy when we walked it. At the end there was a pretty view of the castle. After that we went back to the camper.

Caernarfon castle was pretty great.


It had a little movie explaining the history and a museum. It also had pretty neat towers and cool hallways. This one was fun to explore,  especially when I led the way. We didn’t do much in the town. . . Yeah. The castle was good I thought.

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  1. Hey did you all get my info on free sites to visit in York and a radius of 90 mins, plus things to do for free in the Lake District, Northumberland and Scotland? I sent it through the chat with us box. I’ve been to all the castles you posted up, I’m sure you will see more castles as you head through the UK and Ireland.

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