York Minster

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On our way back to Edinburgh for Christmas, we stopped in York. My aunt Sara joined us there because she was playing a concert there. It was very flooded, and I saw several streets under water. I went to York Minster and saw Evensong.  The cathedral was very beautiful and very elegant. After we left York, we went to Whitby, which is town known for being very haunted. Jack and I walked around for a while, and went up a hill to see the ruins of a cathedral. We spent a while in the cemetery trying to get spirits to talk to us, but unfortunately none showed themselves.
The ruins of the cathedral seemed very haunted. Supposedly, many years ago, a nun tried to leave her nun hood to get married and they locked her in there until she died. I didn’t notice any ghosts but it definitely had a strange feel to it.
We arrived back in Edinburgh for Christmas on the 22nd,  and stayed in an RV park close to the beach. It was a 30 minute bus ride to the city center so we didn’t go in that much while we were there.
For Christmas I got a wallet from Ness, a scarf and a purse among other things. We went on a walk to the beach and then returned. I made a duck for dinner and it turned out fabulously – it was super delicious.  We watched Christmas Vacation and hung out for a while.
The next day we moved back to our park and ride at Wallyford. That night, Jack and I wandered the streets of Edinburgh trying to decide what to do. We ended up renting a hostal for the night,  and hung out in the hostal bar. There, we met several people – a guy from New Zealand, a Romanian and a Canadian named Cy to name a few.  We ended up staying there for two nights, and all day the last day. It was definitely the most fun I’ve had on this trip. Now, we are in Glasgow. I walked around today but I had a bit of a cold, so I didn’t really appreciate it that much.  Jack and I might go back to Edinburgh tomorrow for Hogmanay,  a huge New Year’s Eve festival with the biggest fireworks display in the world.


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